Texting While Walking


Texting has become such a part of our daily routines that we may not have noticed how it affects us. A recent article from the New York Times explained how texting has affected our ability to walk. 

Plenty of people I know (myself included) constantly walk and text. However, according to the above article texting while walking can have negative short-term and long-term consequences. For example, a study done by the University of Queensland found that people who were texting while walking walked “like robots” with shorter steps, a rigid body position, and in less of a straight line. These seemingly minor changes may result in people tripping because they are not aware of their surroundings. In addition, texting while walking may lead to more long-term neck and shoulder pain.

Although there are consequences to texting and walking, plenty of people still manage to do it successfully. Multiple cell phone apps, such as Type N Talk, facilitate walking and texting by turning on the camera on the phone utilizing a transparent keyboard superimposed over the image seen by the camera.

 What are your thoughts? Have you noticed any consequences of trying to multi task texting and walking?




One comment on “Texting While Walking

  1. I am also guilty of walking and texting – however, I never text when I cross the street, like some people do. In certain situations I think it’s okay to walk and text (for example: if no one’s around / don’t risk walking into anyone) but when I see people texting and crossing the street I’m thinking to myself: Really? You can’t wait for two minutes?

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