Welcome to the Smartphone Race

This past Saturday, I finally committed to getting a smart phone–my first one ever. I decided to get the iPhone 5s and I can say that it has truly changed my life in this short amount of time.

I didn’t fully understand the addiction or dependency that people had towards their iPhones, but now that I have one, it’s a whole new world. Because I don’t have to carry my iPod, phone, and computer with me, my pockets and bags feel so much lighter. I also am finding myself spending less time on my Mac and more time on my phone. Additionally, I feel more connected than ever. If I get an email I can check it right away. The same goes for a text, an email, and a snapchat. And all these apps…it’s truly remarkable how this little device is capable of changing life patterns.

For the past week, I have not been able to physically get off my phone. There’s always something new that grabs my attention. And being someone who is new to this whole smartphone world, I feel like I’m turning into one of those people who is absorbed by their phones. Case in point: I almost walked into a pole today because I was too busy checking my email. Maybe my obsession is due to my excitement for finally being part of a circle that I had chosen to be excluded from in the past. Or maybe it’s because the iPhone is just too freaking cool to put down. Whatever the reason, I know that going back to a basic phone  is not an option. It’s too late to turn back. I have officially  become a member of the smartphone race. And so far, I have no regrets.



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