GPS Collars for Pets

While surfing the web last night, I came across something very interesting regarding dog collars. Fascinating, I know. Apparently people are finally figuring out a more humane way of tracking their dog (or cat) without microchipping them. Pettracker is a company that specializes in making little waterproof, weatherproof, and dogproof gps trackers that attach onto your pet’s collar for about $100. 


I think this is a great invention. Not only does this prevent the lost dog scenario, but it also does it in a very humane way– its noninvasive. This particular company allows the pet owner to set up the gps tracker so that they can check their pet’s location from their computer or their smartphone. They also include an “Activity Tracking” which tracks its health (this a little beyond me to be honest.) The only downside to this I find, is that you have to charge the tracker. But, the tracking device sends you reminder emails or texts to alert the user to charge it. 


This kind of technology could very easily be manipulated and used against us in the future, but then again thats taking the Hollywood science fiction approach. 


I also found these QR codes that can attach to a pet collar. It provides GPS location mapping on the profile page whenever the QR code ID tag is scanned and provides veterinary and contact information. 


Its absolutely crazy how technology can affect even simple things like tracking down lost pets. 

By maggiebania

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