Mac’s Snow Leopard no longer secure?

As I attempt to download Maverick on my MacBook Pro, I am also reading articles about the  Snow Leopard, or Mac OSX 10.6 security updates. As many of you know, Apple products are known to be easily hacked into due to their poor security measures.


So it is very very unfortunate for those of us who use Snow Leopard, because as of yesterday, Apple is ending its security updates for this particular operating system. There is an option to ensure your security however. You can update to the Maverick operating system, for free as long as you have the latest Snow Leopard update installed and the Mac was purchased in 2007 or later. Mavericks won’t work with MacBooks and iMacs sold before 2007.

This bad news extends to PC users. Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue security updates for Windows XP on April 8.

Update: I couldn’t update to Maverick because I need more free space. I had the same problem updating to iOS 8 on my iPhone, when that came out. -_-

By maggiebania

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