No its not valley girl speak. Uber is an app available for smartphones that allows you to get a taxi service without having to call a cab. Uber is exclusive; it does not send you a yellow cab, but an Uber car. Uber is becoming more and more popular in big cities like NYC, LA, and Chicago. Uber is even available in New Brunswick! Here are more locations where Uber car service is available:



There are many benefits of using Uber instead of a standard taxi cab. Clear pricing is available before you actually order the Uber car, so you don’t have to worry about going over the meter. Its also cashless– you pay for it via your app with a credit card, so there’s no need to tip. You can also split the bill with carpoolers! You can pick which Uber vehicle you would like to ride in, with a selection from black sedans, to spacey SUVs, to even a luxury car. 


I think the next time I need to go to the airport, I’ll be definitely using Uber instead of regular ‘ole cab. Its interesting to see how detached we’re becoming as a whole. It seems as if the most “groundbreaking” technology is almost always computerized, decreasing the amount of human contact for the convenience of time. 

By maggiebania

6 comments on “Uber

  1. My cousin introduced me to this in Philly and it was the most convenient thing ever. We used the app and called for an Uber and it took them less than five minutes to get to her place. Also, if you tell your friends to download it you get $20 credit to use anytime!

  2. I remember using this app last Summer while I was visiting a friend in San Francisco. It was very easy to use and came in hand a lot since we didn’t have a car and the public transportation in san francisco is not very good.

  3. I am going to California this spring break and my friend who lives out there told me to definitely download this! Can’t wait to give it a try and put that $20 credit to use!

  4. WOAH! I cannot wait to try this on my next vacation! A concern that I do have, is that all commercial taxi services have insurance and a way of tracking each taxi. Does Uber also have a home base where we could go to file a complaint or look for lost things?

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