How Millennials Really Feel About Technology



I thought this was an interesting article bringing up points about our generation. We are the generation that did not grow up with iPads and iPhones but we were also still fairly young when these things became accessible to us.

Unlike our parents, we are less likely to marvel at technology — we are able to multitask, don’t tune out others when we get a text message, and are less likely to post unfortunate intricacies of our lives on social media. And unlike our younger siblings, cousins and perhaps even children, we were not raised with these technologies being an integral part of our day-to-day routines.”

Like the article states, we do not marvel at technology the way some of our parents and grandparents do. We also however remember life before these technological advancements. “How do we reject a culture we are a part of and, more than that, a part of creating? Is it hypocritical to attempt to set ourselves apart from the very technology we are so entrenched in? I think not. Instead, I think our generation plays a critical role in the direction that technology is going — and I believe it is our responsibility to play up our natural position of mediator in the tension between old world and new world. It’s crucial that we preserve — and act on — our longing for a less tech-obsessed world, that we balance our desire for convenience with that for simplicity, and that we remember how much we hate seeing kids taking Instagram selfies when we have kids of our own.” I think it’s interesting that the article states the we essentially are the generation which could help to bridge this gap.


Gmail reads your emails?

Reading CNN, I stumbled upon this interesting article about Gmail. We all know Gmail, since we were all obligated to create a Gmail account for this class. The great thing about Gmail, and most email services is that its free. But apparently theres a catch. Theres a reason why ads on the side of your email service seem oddly appealing. 


Apparently Gmail has been collecting mass amounts of personal information from its users to create ads that are personalized for its user. This breech in security is what gives email services such as Gmail, its revenue. I know about the NSA and all that jazz, but I felt a little betrayed by Google after reading this article. Is nothing private anymore? I try to cheat the system by using an Adblock extension, which as the name suggests, blocks annoying advertisements that is used for the sites revenue. In fact, that is how Youtubers get paid; ads. Anyway, here’s the article I mentioned:



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Google April Fool’s?

Looks like Google is doing April Foll’s Day early with the release of their Google Maps video.

They have integrated Pokemon with Google maps to create Pokemon Challenge. The winner will get a job at Googleplex by catching all the Pokemon first. I thought this was too good to be true but it actually works. Here’s a screenshot from my phone.



Apparently, the game is real short so this is not a real competition and it’s just Google trollin’ us again.  Good one Google.


Has Mark Zuckerberg gone mad?

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been on one hell of a shopping spree. First buying Whatsapp for a whopping 19 billion dollars and  more recently buying Oculus VR for 2 billion dollars. Has Mark Zuckerberg gone on a wild shopping spree, or is there rather a method to this madness? 

I strongly believe that he is making the right decisions. These purchases are not just wild antics that a power crazy man would make, but rather are calculated risks that can pay off two some in the upcoming future. 

Now all of you are probably thinking great, now fk125’s gone mad as well, and is going to be in the same sinking ship that Zuckerberg is in, but you would be wrong. Oculus VR makes virtual reality hardware and software. When Skype or even the iPhone was released, everybody was in awe. With the Oculus VR, who knows what the future can hold? Can Facebook integrate the Oculus VR eyepiece with Facebook video conferencing and make a virtual conversation possible?

With the way that technology is progressing, it seems as if the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe by the time I’m CEO of some bigshot company, I will hold all my meetings in virtual reality. 

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14 year old proposes how to save millions of dollars.

Who knew that just changing the font of a text could save someone that type of money but that is the truth. Suvir Mirchandani, started off this project as a school science fair project. In his project he states that changing the font from what his school district uses in Pittsburgh can save his school district twenty thousand dollars a year. After adding up and finding out an almost precise number for how much the US government spends on printing, he estimates that the government will save two hundred and thirty four million dollars annually. 


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Replacing YouTube

Yahoo is planning on unveiling a better option to YouTube. Yes Yahoo. That long forgotten search engine, is trying to make a comeback into the spotlight by serving not the customers but the people that provide entertainment. The YouTube partners, or people that have been selected to get payed by YouTube for their work, are unhappy, because of how little of a revenue they actually get after YouTube gets its cut of the ad revenue as well. Yahoo is aiming to release a new video sharing network, that gives more privileges and more of a cut of the revenue given to the producers. Oulimata Ba from HNGN states,

“But this time Yahoo’s plan, if it turns out to be true, is well timed- YouTube partners have been voicing unhappiness with the video-sharing giant’s lack of revenue over the last two years, the report said. A total of 45 percent of ad revenue goes to YouTube.

Some have even created their own video sites or left to partner with other video sharing platforms, like Microsoft’s Xbox, the report said.” 


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Eat your kimchi

Eatyourkimchi has become my recent obsession. Its a foreign start up company in Seoul, South Korea that is run by a Canadian couple, Simon and Martina Stawski. The couple moved to Bucheon, South Korea some six years ago to work as ESL teachers at Korean public schools. They created a blog and Youtube channel dedicated to their Korean assimilation and culture. The company has since grown, putting out content daily via social media. 


On mondays, one can expect a video about Kpop (Korean pop music), in which they review a recently released song, or interview Kpop artists such as Neon Bunny or 2NE1. Then on wednesdays, they do TL;DR videos which are viewer questions answered. These are very interesting because they expose “foreigners” to Korean customs, a how to on getting by in Korea without speaking the language, and explaining the process of going to a Korean bath house. Thursday videos are my favorite because these are either FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program for Awesome People) or WANK’s (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea). The first mentioned, are videos of local Korean cuisine (Korean Shabu Shabu or Samgyeopsal for example) and Korean inspired cuisine, such as Koreanized Chinese food or “Western” pizza. Fridays are dedicated to LiveChats on Google+ Hangouts, and on Saturdays they do a segment called WTF Korea (Wonderful Treasure Find), where they review “odd” finds such as Melon Milk or Yogurt Doritos. Finally, they end off the week with Korean Indie Playlist on Sundays. 


I really enjoy watching their videos and learning more about Korean culture. It has even sparked my interest in learning about its counterpart, North Korea. I recently watched these two documentaries about the harsh conditions in North Korea, which are a stark dichotomy to thriving South Korea.

In addition, I’m looking into studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea next summer, at Ewha University, seeing as I’m becoming obsessed with all things Korean. I think its really cool how a start up company in South Korea can reach an international audience. It really emphasizes the power of social media and the internet. Side note: South Korea has the fastest internet in the world. If you like watching travel shows or are interested in learning about Korean culture, I definitely recommend or


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Walking and Texting

You know how we always wonder, what app will come next? What will these companies create now? Well here it is.

“Apple is following app makers like Text n Walk in patenting tech that should give you a better view of the world around you.”

Everyone reading this knows that they have been texting and walking and probably tripped, bumped into a person, or a pole, etc. etc. Even though we are all on our phones way too much, this new patent could really become super popular and valuable to iPhone users.

Apparently, with this piece of tech, “the device’s user continuously can be aware of the environment beyond the device’s display” this “giving on-the-go texting addicts a better view of their surroundings as they mash away on their iPhones.” Of course it seems a little strange. Do we really need to text and walk? Probably not. We could probably put our phones away for the 5 minute walk to class. However, that probably wont happen, so until then, this is being created!

The transparency of this would also be able to be turned on and off, which could make it even better than it would’ve normally been by just staying on at all times.

My only question would be is how this would be created or how effective it would actually be. Just because we would be able to see more, we would still be looking down at our phones, and therefore, still not paying attention. Only time will tell, but I’ll be excited for if and when this comes out!

Microsoft “Snooping”?

Privacy will forever something be debated. I have posted on our privacy before in regard to the NSA, and I have shared my views on the debate. I’m one of those, “I have nothing to hide, you can look through all of my things” kind of person, but so many people are not that way.

Now, Microsoft is getting accusing of “snooping”. A Microsoft employee was recently arrested for “stealing and leaking unreleased Windows code”, information that he also shared with a blogger. In response to this employee sharing information, Microsoft apparently went then went through this blogger’s email. Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith responded by saying:

“Effective immediately, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen intellectual or physical property from Microsoft, we will not inspect a customer’s private content ourselves. Instead, we will refer the matter to law enforcement if further action is required.”

He also said, “We’re advocated that governments should rely on formal legal processes and the rule of law for surveillance activities. While our own search was clearly within our legal rights, it seems apparent that we should apply a similar principle and rely on formal legal processes for our own investigations involving people who we suspect are stealing from us.”

This is a prime example of whether the “snooping” was an invasion of someone’s privacy, or if Microsoft had the right to check the blogger’s email. Their information was shared with someone that should have never been shared, and they must protect all of their codes when it comes to their company. While on the other hand, they probably should have taken different actions and figured out a more legal approach. What do you guys think? Did Microsoft have the right to check this person’s email?


Saline Solution Slowing Time

This article has probably been one of the more interesting things that I have read so far while browsing the web.

According to this article, about five different hospitals throughout the United States have found ways to slow down the cells in a person’s body that have been through a wound such as a gunshot or a knife. And the secret… “REPLACING BLOOD WITH COLD SALINE SOLUTION”! I know, I didn’t believe it when I read it at first either. But what a relief for the people that are in these terrible traumas.

“Normally, the brain would be damaged after five minutes of oxygen deprivation. But researchers suspect that by slowing cell metabolism with cold, they can stretch that five minutes to an hour or more.”

That would mean that a surgeon would then be able to control the person in surgery’s bleeding! Sometimes I really feel like we push our limits when it comes to technology and all of the things that we do, but it’s in these kinds of scenarios that I am happy to know how hard people work to help the rest of us.