Keeping up with sports via Twitter

The other day I was at work, and there was the olympic USA Canada hockey game that I really wanted to watch, but couldn’t because I had to work. Living in the world today, with all the technology, really has its benefits; especially when you want to multi task. Thanks to twitter I was able to check the game updates and see how well (or not so well) team USA was doing. My whole timeline was filled with updates. The thing I like about twitter is that unlike other social network websites, it can actually be really entertaining and informational when you need it. Unlike Facebook, and Instagram where people tend to post mostly about their own lives and pictures of themselves, family and friends, on twitter people actually post things that I read and am interested in. And it isn’t just major league sports updates, i can get updates on school teams, and other smaller things that maybe not the whole world knows about but there’s at least a few people who do and I can easily find that information using the search option. Before twitter I would always tivo and record the shows, sports events that I knew I was going to miss. Twitter makes it easy for me to follow along like I’m actually watching it.


One comment on “Keeping up with sports via Twitter

  1. I love twitter simply because I follow anyone or anything that interests me. I follow sportscenter so I always stay updated on the latest in the sports world, but I also follow my favorite players and teams as well. It’s a great way to stay informative on game scores, or even what your team plays to do with trades, etc…

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