Car Mode

Rohpatel has a post down here that is titled the Great Race, and its something that I wanted to talk about as well. Phones are becoming an essential part of the driving experience in more ways that you would believe. Who actually uses a Garmin GPS anymore? Our phones are just so much quicker. Android has something that is called Car Mode, where it turns your phone into a driving companion. You can enable car mode manually, or set it up to turn on, every time u plug the phone into a car dock made specifically for that phone. You can make this feature even cooler, by plugging in your auxiliary cable and using it as a GPS and music platform, all playing through your car’s speakers. 

Something I really enjoyed about this feature, is that the phone will essentially lock itself and warn you every time that you try to text while driving when having enabled the Car mode feature. That allows people to think twice before replying to that extremely urgent message while on the road. 



By fk125

One comment on “Car Mode

  1. I believe sprint was developing a similar feature for use of their smartphones while driving as GPS aids. It is an interesting combination of technological development and personal safety.

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