Dangers of Escalators

Escalators can be dangerous because each year hundreds of people are injured on them  – whether you are in a hurry in an airport, or a mall, a subway or a store, the dangers of an escalator are easily overlooked. Though they are dangerous for anyone and everyone, alot of people do not realize how they could be dangerous – clothing could get caught, or one could merely just not be paying attention. Accidents are usually related to small children and the elderly, involving hands and feet – one should not rely on the railing.



I know Crocs tend to be especially dangerous around escalators – there have been many elevator accidents relating to crocs worldwide. If you go on youtube, there are videos of tons of escalator accidents (none of which I shall post here because alot of them are gory). Share what you think!


6 comments on “Dangers of Escalators

  1. I actually almost tripped down an escalator a few days ago. I was in a rush walking through the airport and my rolling suitcase somehow got caught on the top step luckily there was a nice women behind me who managed to grab my suitcase before i fell with it.

  2. When I was about 7 years old, I had a bad experience with escalators. One side of my pants got caught in the escalator and my mom had to rip that part off. It sounds kind of funny saying it now, but I’m still very cautious to this day whenever I get onto an escalator.

  3. My brother till this day refuses to use an escalator unless he really really has to. He’s almost 17 now, and still does the same thing. I am pretty sure its because when he was a toddler, he decided to let go of my mom’s hand and fall all the way down an escalator. That’s why you never let go of Mom’s or Dad’s hand!

  4. I have seen many people trip off of escalators, which I probably shouldn’t laugh about, but at the time it seems funny. But I have also heard of so many instances where people actually get hurt! I’m surprised that a specific shoe is related to many escalator accidents as well.

  5. Escalators are no joke! I went on vacation to nanny for a family and the little boy was petrified of escalators so I guess he didn’t realize he was going down one and as it was almost approaching the bottom he freaked out and ran all the way up to the top! I still don’t know how he did it but it was hilarious.

  6. My brother saw a weirdly contradictory sticker on an escalator stop button the other day which read “Do not press emergency stop button while escalator is in motion.” Just thought I would share!

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