Money Extortion Online?


The site meetup is the latest victim in the ever growing epidemic of cyber hacking. All the hackers wanted was $300 dollars to stop the attacks. The CEO of meetup stated that he wanted to show that his site is not one to be attacked and is not to be attacked in the future. This can go either way. This current group of hackers can constantly keep attacking him and can cause damage to the company for a little while, lose interest in it, and go away, but then that leaves another group of hackers with the oppurtunity to attack meetup again and ask for more money this time. Or, the CEO can hire a professional group of anti hackers, who will make it harder for hackers to crash his system. I think that would be highly unlikely because, meetup is a public site where people can host meetings with several people by connecting IPs. It would be very difficult to monitor every single IP address, and essentially sort out the good actual users IP address, compared to other IP address that would ping these viruses to the site. 

Do you guys think he did the right thing by not paying? Do you think the government should be involved in these successful hackings? 


By fk125

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