Optic Nerve



A surveillance program codenamed optic nerve saves one image every five minutes from random yahoo webcam chats. “Britain’s spy agency GCHQ intercepted millions of people’s webcam chats and stored still images of them, including sexually explicit ones, the Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.” I see no problem with phone calls, emails, and texts being monitored but theres something a little more personal when it comes to video chatting. It seems almost like it invades more privacy than a random email being monitored. I understand that these things are “implemented for our safety” and whatnot but I can’t help but think that maybe this is taking it a bit too far? “GCHQ collected images from the webcam chats of over 1.8 million users globally in a six-month period in 2008 alone.” I’m not really sure what the purpose of collecting all this information is. As the article stated, all of the recordings are kept in a database. The information is not deleted if deemed to be non-threating. This relates to what we talked about in class a few weeks ago regarding the NSA and our invasion of privacy.



3 comments on “Optic Nerve

  1. This is a pretty strange program in my opinion. I understand that on one hand it can be argued that monitoring phone calls and emails are necessary, but taking random photos during webcam conversations seems predominantly useless. I guess I don’t understand exactly how storing millions of images could help stymie terrorism.

  2. WOW. I am happy to say that I don’t use my camera on my computer in order to talk to anyone one, but if I did, it would NEVER be anything bad. However, I would like to say that snapping pictures of a person really does invade their privacy. This is kind of like what was going on with Snapchat. APPARENTLY, the creators of Snapchat are able to look at every picture that is sent, which is also a very odd thing to be able to do.

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