Pizza Hut

I really like pizza, so when I stumbled on to this article I got really excited. Since we live in New Jersey we have a lot of better options when it comes to pizza other than chains. However Pizza Hut has partnered with Chaotic Moon Studios and created a new way to order their food. There have been online and mobile apps that let you order food but this is a little bit different. People can order their pizza on a touch screen that is in the table. You can actually see what your pizza will look like with toppings and everything. This is kind of a neat feature that may bring in some revenue for Pizza Hut for a little while


4 comments on “Pizza Hut

  1. Wow that’s so cool. Pizza hut isn’t that big around my area, but this is the kind of thing my friends and I would order from just to use the app. Looks awesome!

  2. I’m not gonna lie, for “fake” pizza, Pizza Hut isn’t too bad. That stuffed crust. Love it. But this new feature will definitely bring in revenue for Pizza Hut, however, I don’t know for how long. People may just want to try it once or twice and then be done with it, but I do hope it helps for the long run!

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