Samsung vs Iphone at the Oscars

At this year’s Oscars, Samsung played a big role as a sponsor. They had this year’s host, Ellen DeGeneres, doing a record breaking retweet selfie (seen below) on their new Galaxy phone. However, backstage there was an Iphone being used. Most of the posts she made in the beginning of the show were on her Iphone:


But as soon as the show went on, the Samsung phone emerged:



There were many posts that I found that switched from Iphone to Samsung. I think it’s interesting to see how companies advertise directly through advertisements, as well as indirectly through famous people on social networking sites.




2 comments on “Samsung vs Iphone at the Oscars

  1. That “selfie” was so funny, and I didn’t pick up on the different phones being used. Crazy how advertisements can be right there and we don’t even notice it.

  2. I wonder if the different phones were used because of advertising funding from apple and samsung or simply because Ellen DeGeneres can afford to have two high end smartphones

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