Show Me the Money..

This article reports that big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pay their interns hefty salaries for the work that they do. The article also drew comparisons to median households in the US and found that some of the biggest paying companies pay their inters more than an entire family makes. Granted, the nature of these companies is such that they can afford to do so, but I found the fact that a recent college grad (maybe not even) can make more than an entire family just for being an intern to be astonishing.

Of course, the way we might have used to think of interns (glorified coffee-getters) does not hold true; especially in these companies. They are having a direct impact on the sectors of the companies they work for, and are getting well-compensated in the process.

Here is a video to show interested Google applicants the Internship experience. It seems like an incredible place to work!

What strikes me most, is how the traditional big business models are changing. Everything from office space to bureaucracy to salaries are seemingly evolving. This goes especially for technology companies which engender innovation and progress.

By rohpatel

4 comments on “Show Me the Money..

  1. I have always been interested in these kinds of topics! I’m glad you posted on it. Apparently, Google is one of the BEST places to work for, as their work environment is stress free and helps to promote the best kinds of thinking! I really do not expect less when it comes to the pay for interns. I think it is just because these kinds of companies can afford to do so, and the work that they put in is just as extreme as a regular career.

    • Yea definitely, I’m sure their workload is on par with people who work full-time. Judging by that video, I’d say you’re right, seems like an awesome place to work!

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