Six New Facts About Facebook!!

Facebook is turning 10 years old tomorrow (March 3rd). It is used by 57% of all American adults and 73% of those ages are from 12 to 17 – 64% of that visit the site every single day. Though alot of people prefer twitter, Instagram, and other websites, a study shows that Facebook is not being abandoned. However, teen’s relationship with facebook is strong and is getting stronger, evolving every day.

1. Some users dislike certain aspects of Facebook, but fear of missing out on social activities (or “FOMO”) isn’t one of them.
2. Women and men often have varying reasons for why they use Facebook – but everything starts with sharing and laughs.
3. Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends in their network.
4. 12% of Facebook users say that someone has asked them to “unfriend” a person in their network.
5. Facebook users “like” their friends’ content and comment on photos relatively frequently, but most don’t change their own status that often.
6. Half of internet users who do not use Facebook themselves live with someone who does.

You should “like” this post! Hahah, just kidding.


2 comments on “Six New Facts About Facebook!!

  1. I’m a take it or leave it person when it comes to Facebook. I check it once a day for sure but my go to social media app would be twitter. There are a lot of posts on Facebook that I just really don’t care about. Maybe it’s because I have wayyy too many friends on Facebook whereas instagram and twitter consist of my close friends and things I’m actually interested in.

  2. It’s interesting for me to read this because I am definitely someone that has not abandoned Facebook. I slowly use it less and less, because for the most part I enjoy using Twitter and Instagram. I think that part of my reason for that is that the Facebook app is terrible whereas Twitter and Instagram are so much easier to use! I also just like the idea of Twitter and Instagram better. Twitter is more about sharing thoughts, and Instagram, pictures. Facebook is a compilation of both.

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