“The Day We Fight Back”

I know I am late on this article but I found it and had to share it. We have all discussed the NSA and what they do, and we have seen many mixed views on what they do. This article discusses how websites and their participants were going to post banners and encourage people to contact their representatives to try and “get behind the USA Freedom Act” (Quain). The bill would be able to “put curbs on the NSA’s domestic surveillance practices, particularly on the use of the massive database of U.S. communications it has been building”. Advocates also point out that “surveillance through implanted viruses ends up worsening security and making it easier for hackers to attack computer systems. Furthermore, as privacy erodes, so does personal security” (Quain). I thought that this article was very interesting because I never really hear much on the NSA and people trying to “fight back”. It is still something that I am indifferent about, but it is clear that many people are against these types of surveillance.

The picture I have attached is the slogan for the campaign.


I would really love to look further into any results that may have happened with this campaign.


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