Week 1 without an iPhone

Yes, I switched back to an Android phone. No, no, I did not switch back to an ordinary feature phone, but switched to an Android. (I do not have enough heart to switch back to a feature phone or no phone at all) So far I’m loving my new Android. It is the HTC One, so it’s not new in the market, but it is new for me. (And was for a steal price). Android phones have so much more productivity than iPhones. Something that I am really enjoying is the capability of this phone to connect to any Television or cable box. I can switch channels right from my phone. That includes scaring my parents and putting the volume up and down or turning the television off, just for kicks. The Android’s cellular reception is a lot better than my iPhone’s as well. Both are for the same crappy carrier, Sprint, by the way. There are also more free apps which are payed apps on the Apple App Store. The HTC One’s also got beats integration, so the music is a lot more clearer, which is ironic, because Apple started up making mucho dollars through the music industry. I did notice one thing though, there are a lot more pop ups that show up on Android than on iPhones. That is probably because of how Android phones can load Java and iPhones cannot. 

It has only been one week, but till now I do not see myself switching back to my iPhone anytime soon. 



By fk125

4 comments on “Week 1 without an iPhone

  1. I’ve never had an Iphone, only Androids, so I can’t really compare the two. However, I still believe my phone has a lot more to offer than an Iphone. My favorite feature is the camera – my photos come out so clear. (I think it’s 13 megapixels. I have LG Optimus G.)

  2. I have heard GREAT things about the Android, however, I don’t know if I would actually have the heart to get rid of my iPhone. The kind of things that you are able to do with your phone are really cool too! I have AT&T though and I think that my cell reception is AMAZING, so maybe it was just your carrier! This way if you ever want to switch back to an iPhone, maybe you will consider getting rid of Sprint and trying AT&T!

  3. Welcome to android! If you waited 3 more weeks then you could of gotten the all new HTC One that is being released March 25th!

  4. I used to have the HTC and I actually didn’t like it too much! I think the size bothered me, just like the bigger iphones (5 and 5s) I like the smaller phones that fit in my pocket nicely.

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