5 Potentially Dangerous Products

We all know by now technology can be influential as well as dangerous: they both help and hurt in countless ways. Technology can even cause deaths: a plane could crash, electricity could fail, or outlets mixed with water can shock you. Before using the following products, just be aware that they have each individually have caused multiple deaths:

1. Baby Monitors
Baby monitors are placed by babys’ cribs – but some baby monitors have wires, which babies may be tempted to play with. Since 2002, at least seven infants were strangled by baby monitor cords, the youngest victim being six months old. Movement monitor senses should not be dangling, either, because they could fall.

2.  Button Cell Batteries
Since 1985, there have been over 3,500 deaths from the coin-sized batteries. They may be in flashing jewerly, light up shoes, key fobs, remote controls, thermometers, etc. Never keep a battery out in the open, or within reach.

3. Shredders
Just in 2010 alone, there were 2,700 injuries from shredders from patients of all ages in the emergency room. This can harm someone in many ways but they should always be kept out of reach.

4. Flat-panel TV’s
On average, a child dies every two weeks from a TV, or a piece of furniture falls on him/her – and 18,000 a year are injured in the same way. A good way to avoid this is by mounting it to a wall.

5. Cellphones
Cellphones were a big killer in 2009, killing 995. Visual distraction takes one’s eyes off the road, manual takes the eyes off the steering wheel, and cognitive, which takes one’s thoughts away from the focus of driving.  People know it’s dangerous but it hasn’t stopped them from doing it.


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