For someone like me who has family in a lot of different places in the world, FaceTime makes it easy for me to keep in touch with them and feel closer. Talking on the phone is great, but something about FaceTime makes me feel like I’m wherever they are and it kinda eases the hard times that come with being so far away from those you love. FaceTime is also great because as long as you have an apple computer, phone or iPad, it’s free as long as you have wireless connection. It amazes me how much apple has made it easier and better for us to keep connected to people regardless of where we are. I’m used to going away for weeks on end to different places in the world (usually to visit family) and FaceTime allows me to get to see and talk to my friends, my boyfriend, and other family that I’m apart from. I’m glad that FaceTime exists at a time where I’m old enough to go away and miss people, whereas when I was little and would go on vacations I didn’t really care as long as my parents and sister were around. It’s crazy that back in the day the only way people were able to talk to each other and keep up with each other from a long distance was through writing letters and now we can see each other and it almost feels like you’re right there with each other. 


2 comments on “Facetime

  1. I absolutely LOVE FaceTime. I use it a lot less than I thought I would, but I really do enjoy it! My sister just had a baby and I try to always go over and see him but on days that I am unable to I love her FaceTiming me with the latest news on how he is doing!

  2. One thing I like about Apple’s products in general is that they specialize in interconnectivity between devices, which may now seem like greedy business policy, but feels more like steps toward a technologically interconnected world.

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