Phone While Driving



The court of California declared last Thursday that it is perfectly legal for drivers to read digital maps on phones, completely disregarding the fact that United States law completely forbids phone use while driving.

It all started when Stephen Spriggs was given a $165 ticket for using a map on his phone wile driving. An officer saw him and issued him a ticket. Spriggs argued that he was trying to find an alternate route, not talking, texting, or playing games on the phone. When the court looked into the law, they saw that it “prohibits a driver only from holding a wireless telephone while conversing on it”.

Spriggs agreed that distracted driving is dangerous, and he personally uses a bluetooth/hands-free program to talk while driving; he is personally affected because his own son was previously hit by a car from a driver who was chatting on his cell phone.

Should people be allowed to look at maps on their phone and drive? Though that’s what I feel GPS’s are for, why should you buy one when there is one in your phone? Share what you think because this is truly a controversial subject.



One comment on “Phone While Driving

  1. I think people should be allowed to use a GPS map or a phone map while they are driving. However, I think it should be in a hands-free way. I don’t think people should be allowed to set routes on their GPS or on their phone while they are actually driving. Setting directions on your phone maps is just as distracting as trying to text and drive.

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