Sharing on the Internet

“Flexible, cheap, and inclusive media now offers us opportunities to do all sorts of things we once didn’t do” (Shirky 63).

Shirky writes this in his chapter 2, “Means”, in his book Cognitive Surplus. Shirky writes this because he teaches and tries to always get this point across to his students. He gives different examples of how all people are able to share their ideas very easily, whereas a half a century ago, reporting came from reporters. I think that the way we are able to share whatever we want on the Internet nowadays is extremely convenient. Any single person can post an essay that they have written in order to possibly get some feedback. People are able to post random questions in hopes to get a response from someone that reads it, or people can post music that they create in order for anyone to listen and enjoy.

I think that the Internet has caused people to be able to express their views more than they could have ever imagined. I think that by being able to share your own views  shows that people care to hear what others like themselves have to say.

I think that the only issue lies in something else that Shirky discussed, which is people posting different things and receiving no pay for it. People are able to post photos and videos and other types of media but do not get money for it, only the owners of these sites do. Some people do not care, whereas others find this unfair. However, I believe that if you are posting things knowing that you will not receive any kind of benefit for it, then that is on you.


One comment on “Sharing on the Internet

  1. I like the point you made about people posting for feedback. How many times have you asked google something stupid like “Are we actually real/ Are planets living things/ etc. etc.” and find out someone already asked that ridiculous question?

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