The “McConaissance”

So, as I am sure you know by now, our boy Matthew McConaughey has been doing work lately, and has even been recognized for it by winning the coveted Oscar on Sunday for Best Leading Actor for his work in Dallas Buyer’s Club. All of that is fine and dandy, but I want to mention something that has really been catching my attention about the incredibly charming southerner that is the McConuaghster (I would copyright that, but I have no idea how to.) On several websites that I frequent on a regular basis (i.e. Rolling Stone, GQ, the internet,) I have been seeing articles all referring to this recent revival of phenomenal work by Matty dubbed the


To be honest, I just copied and pasted that name and it made it all bold and big like that and I thought it looked cool. That’s neither here nor there, what I want to say is, first of all, how awesome of a nickname is that? And secondly, let’s take a look of the actually amazing work McConaughey has been putting out to get such a nickname that would make even The Fonz jealous.

The Lincoln Lawyer is said to have sparked this revival of great work. This movie currently holds an 83% freshness rating on the highly reputable Rotten Tomatoes database. I personally have not seen it, but it has the word “Lincoln” in there, and he was one hell of a dude if my memory of history class is correct.

Bernie, a movie I actually did watch on a plane ride home from Israel (make no mistake, this was not your average airplane entertainment.) Jack Black certainly outdid himself in this role, but McConaughey definitely was a great actor for the role of  an obsessive lawyer adamantly set on getting justice for the crimes committed by Bernie that were brushed off by an entire time due to Bernie’s unbelievably pleasant charm.

Magic Mike, a movie I will not admit to seeing in a large room, but I did see it, you even probably saw it, and tell me there isn’t more to McConaughey than his perfectly toned physique? I’ve said too much.

I personally have not seen Mud, but hey, it holds a 98% freshness rating on the old trusty Rotten Tomatoes, and that has to count for something. After reading some of the reviews too, its clear that this movie was made great mostly by Matty.

Don’t have to say much about this one, it’s pretty clear why you should see it and why it is important.

Sure his role in this movie was small, but did you know the seen where McConaughey beats on his chest was just a ritual he performs anytime he acts, and that was the thesis of Belfort’s (Leonardo’s character) final speech towards the end. Not a bad little flavor to add to such an amazing movie.

Last one I am going to talk about is True Detective. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT. Instead of watching the Oscars from 9-10, I was watching this tasty jem of a show. It’s dark, it’s brooding, and it has an honesty and way of looking at life that would change even the most stubborn of intellectuals stuck in their ways. I usually don’t commit to shows unless they are fantastic (i.e. Breaking Bad was the last show I made a commitment too, I’m a relatively monogamous guy, and ladies, I’m single,) and this show is just that. It takes a look at justice in way few shows ever do, and McConaughey’s commitment to obsessive role of Cohle takes the show to a whole new level of intensity. If that doesn’t convince you, there is action, violence, sex, female nudity, and alcohol. If you aren’t convinced yet, you are probably Mormon, which I totally respect, but that’s just my opinion.

If you think all of this is just my opinion, check out this article I found likening the McConaissance to the acting streaks of greats such as Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino


One comment on “The “McConaissance”

  1. I’m so glad you brought up Matthew McConaughey and his skills as an actor! I feel like for quite some time after his early days in movies such as “A Time to Kill”, McConaughey was so underrated. He was thrown into so many romantic comedies, which I also loved him in, but he was still not taken seriously. I’m happy that within the past few years he has been put in some great films, and I can’t wait to watch the ones that I have yet to see!

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