“The Medium is The Message”

I  was thinking about the famous phrase “the medium is the message” by Marshall McLuhan and the more it stirs in my mind, the more sense it starts to make.

A great scene brought up during class a few ago about Woody Allen listening to someone talk about his opinions of the works directors and how McLuhan’s ideas refer solely the medium rather than the message. I believe that “the medium is the message” refers to how the idea of the message is being persuaded.  If you were watching a film, and the camera work zooms in on a dramatic scene, the idea of drama is being presented through the film, which promotes the artistic possibilities of the medium of video.


This can apply to other faucets of your life if you look at from a different perspective. A different example I believe shows this is music; an artistic is expressing the message of music through the possibilities of the medium he or she is using, whether it be a piano, vocals, or even sampling music of others, the message at its core is still that the possibilities of the medium  creating what you are expressing. When you are talking to someone over the phone and you want to express sarcasm, that is difficult to detect because of the limits of the medium. To express sarcasm would require a new medium, thus the medium is the source of the message.

Where some may disagree is that the message being expressed may still lie at the core of the individual. Its all a matter of perspective; one director may want to make a movie to show the beauty and possibility of cinematography, while another may want to make a movie expressing personal views and believes that he or she is bound by the medium. It’s a cool statement to think about,

Generalizing statements make the greatest statements.©




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