The other day, my friend introduced me to an app called Tinder. It’s a location based social networking site that facilitates communication between mutually interested users. Using Facebook profiles, it gathers basic information, like age and interests, and matches potential candidates that are likely to be compatible. She enjoys using it to talk to her friends, but I thought it was a bit creepy. I just downloaded it and it transferred all my private Facebook pictures to my Tinder profile. It also says where I live and other information that I don’t want to be public. The weird thing is it shows the mutually interested user your information. I think it’s interesting how some people are completely fine with sharing their location on social networking sites. It means people can see who you’re with, what you’re doing, and exactly where. I’m not saying I don’t post things when I’m in cool places, but I’m cautious about what I post, especially if I’m not with other people. 

Um, then I found this…






2 comments on “Tinder

  1. I was unaware of this app until one of my roommates brought it up recently. I thought it sounded creepy too! I feel like if it’s meant to be a dating website then that’s what it should label itself as, rather than pretend it’s anything else.

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