We’re all a Part of the Social Media World

So today in class after discussing Means in Shirky’s book, we all basically agreed that media is in everything that we do, and it truly is a way of life. In the past, media used to be something that not everyone could be part of, because sharing was not that easy. Nowadays, anyone can share their thoughts, pictures, ideas, questions, anywhere on the Internet. To me, this makes our community much closer than before. We are asking questions to people on google that we don’t necessarily even know. We may keep our Instagram page public which means that anyone with an Instagram can stumble upon our page and view our pictures.

Social media has become so popular that memes are created about each kind of site. Some of my favorite examples of this are below.


I thought that this meme was hysterical so I had to include it. I’m sure we all have those people that we follow that tell us their every single move throughout the day. However, by being able to use media we really are allowed to share anything that we desire and people choose to follow us, so if you want to tell me about your entire day, feel free!


Heres another photo of something else on social media that is constantly ridiculed. However, I am definitely guilty of this. Whenever I have a great meal I HAVE to share it with all of my followers!

I think it’s important to realize that after viewing these pictures, social media has created a sense of humor for those who use it and understand pictures such as these memes. We are all kind of part of this large social media world, whether we believe to be or not.


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