XBOX Live may be headed to..

XBOX Live may be headed to IOS and Android games!


Xbox live, super popular throughout the whole world, has been a major feature of windows since its launch in 2010. It allows users to unlock achievements, add their game scores, and play games with their friends right from their smartphones. Microsoft has been looking into the possibility of to bring similar xbox live functionality to other platforms – though xbox live is available in windows store/phone, it has yet to be seen on android or IOS.

In addition, it has also been reported that Microsoft intends to “win back” game developers by improving the tools for xbox live. In the future, restrictions on permission/certifications from Microsoft for xbox will be relaxed, and there will be greater and easier access to overall tools.

Though it isn’t clear how far into the future or how we’ll see more xbox live mobile games, but Microsoft is starting to get ready to compete neck-and-neck with other mobile operating systems. If released, one can assume it may be the most attractive gaming extension and extremely popular because it will allow users to connect, no matter what mobile platform they have.




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