I found an interesting article discussing the aftermath of “12 Years a Slave” winning the Oscar for Best Picture in regard to piracy.

In this article we learn that, “According to TorrentFreak, the number of people illegally sharing the movie tripled the day after it won the Oscar for best picture” (Kerr OL). However, “12 Years a Slave” was not the only movie that experienced this. “Gravity” also saw many illegal downloads after the Academy Awards. Even though many people will purchase or rent these movies, most are illegally downloaded because it is free.

Kerr writes that, “In 2010, Voltage Pictures, which made Oscar-winning film “The Hurt Locker,”filed a lawsuit against more than 25,000 people who allegedly illegally downloaded the movie” (OL). I found this article really interesting because things are illegally downloaded every single day, however, this article took it to a more specific example by talking about the winners of the recent awards show.




One comment on “Piracy

  1. Both of these movies are awesome. It would ironic if they pirated Captain Phillips, a movie about pirates. #badjoke

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