The “oPhone”



the oPhone

“A new scent-based messaging app called oNotes will be available July 10 to send the nose-news, he said. But in order to “download” an aromatic message, you’ll need the oPhone, an accessory that can be used with countless different devices. Each oChip – a small cartridge that produces hundreds of odor signals – will do the work of emitting thousands of unique odors for at least 20 to 30 seconds” (Tortora OL).

So I really hope no one has posted on this…

This new “gadget” called the “oPhone” is an object that will allow people to send scents to one another!

 Despite how cool this new item is, the researcher believes that the oPhone could possible help people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s by being able to trigger memories with smells.

Who knows how far this item will actually go on the market, but you never know!


4 comments on “The “oPhone”

  1. Haha this is so cool! That would be really interesting if they can use something like this help people with memory problems. On the other hand I can see this being annoying if you’re sitting to someone who keeps receiving “scents”.

  2. This is really unique – I really hope it becomes successful because it sounds promising and it can have potential. On the other hand, if it doesn’t bring back memories, it could be used just for fun!

  3. Not going to lie, this seems very strange. Then again, I’ve always hoped for smell-o-vision 🙂 I wonder how popular this will get. I can totally see these selling out quick.

  4. Just think of how much better binge watching food network would be if this technology becomes further developed.

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