Big Changes to the SATs

If I had to think back to the worst part of high school, the SATS would be the first thing that would pop into my head. It is crazy that that one test can mean so much in an 11th graders life.

Well, today I came across an article that the SATS are going to completely change.

The College Board announced today that it wanted to make the SATs more accessible to people who don’t have the resources or the money to afford expensive SAT preparatory classes.

Some of the major changes to the new exam, which will be introduced in 2016, are:

(1)The College Board is dropping the essay portion of the exam and reverting to grading on a 1600-point scale. This is instead of the 2400-point scale they have been using for the last 9 years.

(2)The test will be available either online or in print.

(3) There will no longer be a penalty for an incorrect answer. This takes away the penalty for guessing.

(4)The SATS will shift towards testing vocabulary words that are commonly used in college, rather than obscure words that will never be used again after the exam is over.

For more information here are articles from NBC News and New York Magazine:


One comment on “Big Changes to the SATs

  1. This sounds like a positive change heading high school students way. I really hope one the of the changes they make will be making the test shorter, cause 4-5 hours of testing runs down your brain after a while.

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