microwavable rice

So this morning I wake up in plenty of time on my hands. Feeling like a million bucks with no class until about 2 o’clock. What better way to kick off this day than with an killer breakfast of bacon and rice. Rice and Sports Center to pass the time just before The Price is Right begins. Only one problem with this awesome idea of a morning is I still happen to be waiting for the rice to cook in the microwave by the time The Price is Right is half way over. Before classes started for the spring semester my mom gave me a bag of brown rice and a microwaveable rice cooker thinking it would cut back on cook time and be ready to go when it’s done in a ready to eat bowl. Now normally rice is done in 5 minutes and is soft and fluffy. Not only did the microwave take forever to cook, but it wasn’t even cooked all the way. Maybe that is the difference between white rice and brown rice one takes longer than the other. So this morning I’ve learned two things without going to class. One just cook rice on the stove and two good thing I had bacon to save the day.




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