There is a new app in town and it is called Livr, a new social media network with a catch. You have to have a BAC of .08% to access the app. That’s right, there is finally a social network that doesn’t care who you are but more HOW your are. This app is for nightlife and offers some features. One feature is truth and dare where you receive points for fulling it. Then there is a map to show other Livr users who also have access to the app in the area. The more people in an area the bigger the circle and the more intoxicated they are then the darker the circle becomes. Another feature is drunk dial which randomly calls another Livr user close to your location. Then there is a blackout button that erases all your activity from the previous night. The point of Livr is to get you wild and have a great time making connections with other drunk people. It seems  like a cool idea but it also seems it can cause problems. For example, what if this app is a hit and the police start using it to catch drunk drivers, or what if someone just keeps getting drunk to play the games on the app? These are just my thoughts but who knows if the app will take off. Plus, you have to buy the breathalyzer separately. It would be kind of awkward blowing a breathalyzer in public because it looks like your an alcoholic.


3 comments on “LIVR

  1. Haha when I first read your post I thought it said you needed a BAC below .08% to enter. But I see now that the whole point is that it has to be above .08%. What an interesting idea for an app.

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