Twitter Love

Social Networks is how we spend our free time. Sometimes you just look at other peoples pages, and sometimes you post stuff yourself. I feel like one social network that has people posting a lot of their thoughts is Twitter. When I used to use twitter, it was the first place I vented. I would post things when I was mad, happy, excited, or upset. Aside from people that I know that posts their thoughts or feelings, I noticed that celebrities actually do it too.

My childhood consisted off music like Backstreet boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, and Aaron Carter, and TV shows like That’s So Raven, As Told By Ginger, Life With Derek, and Lizzie Mcguire. Today, I read the most shocking article about my childhood stars. Someone posted on Facebook about a Buzzfeed made about Aaron Carter, so I began to look up articles.


On Twitter, Aaron Carter stated that he was still in love with Hilary Duff after 13 years of being separated! If you loved these artists and actors when I was younger, then you probably understand why I am so surprised. Hilary Duff was married to Mike Comrie and they just stated that they will be getting a divorce, so Aaron Carter begins to tweet, and then confirms it is Hilary! Read this Buzzfeed Aaron Carter.


6 comments on “Twitter Love

  1. Recently, Aaron Carter made a video that was something of a reprise to his hit song “That’s How I Beat Shaq” where he and Shaq actually had a 1 v 1 basketball match. Needless to say, Dr. O’Neal wiped the floor with the 26 year old former pop star.

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