Secret Skirt Photos

I was watching the news and apparently Massachusetts’ Court ruled something that has been very controversial.

“Ladies of Boston, beware. Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled that if a man wants to stick a camera up your skirt and take photos, without your knowledge or permission, he’s within his rights to do so. “

Women are being unwittingly photographed and the court ruled that this is okay because women are choosing to wear skirts in public. The stated that they are not nude, therefore it is not a pornographic photo and perfectly legal. I think photographing someone without their consent is one thing, however purposely trying to get a photo up a women’s skirt or dress without their permission is a whole different story.

“But both iPhones and the Internet have been around for some time now, and it’s about time legislators caught up. Despite repeat offenses in the last decade, which judges have deemed “disgusting” and “reprehensible” yet legal, the law has failed to keep up with a distasteful and damaging trend that technology has turned into a mass problem. “


One comment on “Secret Skirt Photos

  1. How is this even legal? You can’t photograph people without their consent, so this really should not be allowed. Good thing skirts are not my thing and I don’t live in Boston haha.

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