Non-Stop (spoiler allert)

I went to watch Non-Stop a few nights ago and it’s such a good movie. I love Liam Neeson, he’s such a great actor and Taken is one of my favorite movies so I figured I’d go see this one.  The movie is about an air marshal who’s trying to save a plane that has been hi-jacked. The whole movie revolves around the idea that everyone down on land believes that Neeson is the one that is hi jacking the plane, due to everything that had happened in his life recently. The hi jackers are actually passengers on the plane and you don’t find out who it is until the very ending but the whole time you’re trying to figure it out. I really like these types of movies and tv shows like Hawaii 5.0 because you kind of interact with them and you’re constantly trying to figure out what’s going on or what will happen next. Really good movie you should all see it!Image


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