Better than Pandora and Spotify?


I use both pandora and spotify a lot, whether it be while I’m driving or just relaxing at home. This article grabbed my attention because it claims that Samsung has launched an app that is better than both of the preexisting apps. It’s a free music app that consists of over 200 stations and 13 million songs. Unlike pandora and spotify, there are no advertisements for users who do not subscribe and pay a monthly fee.

“U.S. users can now download the Milk app from Google Play. It works on most of Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones, but isn’t compatible with devices made by other companies.” This is the part that made me a little disappointed. I have an iPhone and at the very end of the article it stated that it is not compatible with phones other than the samsung brand. Hopefully this app or a similar one will debut soon for the iPhone so that everyone can enjoy add free music at no cost.


One comment on “Better than Pandora and Spotify?

  1. Aw, man! I got so excited until I read that part about it not being compatible with an iPhone. It seems really cool, and I’ll definitely have to convince my friends who have Samsungs to try the app out!

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