As you may or may not have heard, a Malaysian Airlines Flight (#370) went missing over the South Pacific 3 days ago. What this article does is go through various points surrounding the mysterious disappearance and establish what is known and what is unknown.

That an entire commercial airplane can just go missing without a trace is extremely unsettling. I have never been afraid to fly before, especially given the ramped up security around the world. However, with the possibility of being lost without the slightest inkling as to what happened frighten me.

What else? It was reported that two individuals aboard the aircraft were frauds using fake/stolen passports. This, too, is surprising.

On a slightly less grim note, the nebulous details surrounding this entire mystery reminds me of the TV show LOST. For those who haven’t watched it; a plane similarly goes missing and crashes on an island where everything is not as it seems, and the survivors realize they aren’t alone on the island.

But getting back to the issue, I find it unnerving the given the amount of technology we have in place today throughout the world, close to 240 ppl and a gigantic airplane can simply disappear..

By rohpatel

5 comments on “L O S T

  1. I just read about this too! Its so scary to think about. I honestly have no idea where the plane could be.. I mean, you’d think in 2014 the radar system would be able to locate it– but the Pacific is huge. I hope they find it.

  2. Yes seriously, I hope they do too. They were saying if all people on board are dead, this would constitute as the biggest airline disaster since 2001 (not 9/11).

  3. I agree. It’s crazy that they can not locate the plane. I was reading an article about it and one of the weirdest things is that the pilots didn’t get a chance to send out a distress signal.

  4. This is crazy! I’ve been following this for a few days now. Its ridiculous and how there really still is nothing from the black boxes on the plane.

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