Seven Figures, That’s This Many: 1,000,000

A few months ago, a Facebook friend from highschool wrote a rather lengthy status update. He was a shy, quiet, bright (and nice if you got to know him) kid who I hadn’t remembered ever posting anything before; needless to say, I had to read it.

The post started off humbly, giving thanks to a few people. Towards the end of the post, he reported that he was incredibly elated at having just sold a website he created for seven figures. Seven figures. (Hint: look at this post’s title). 

I was blown away. I quickly scrambled to see what the website’s brilliance was. When I first opened it, I literally did not get it. I could tell it had to do with online gaming, but as I am not an avid gamer, that’s as far as my insight went.

I was talking to a friend the other day, who games often, and he mentioned the website and what it actually did. It’s very simple. In that particular game (the name is escaping me, like I said, NOT a gamer) you get paired with random teammates and play against random opponents about whom you know nothing (no in-game stats available). So the website is designed in such a way that you can search a user’s gamer tag and find out about their profile (what level they are, what magic they use…or something). To me, it seemed like such a simple idea (not that I have the intuition about how to create such a website) that my friend made. And he was rewarded, handsomely.

The internet and social media have created so many opportunities to become successful, and this is about as close as such a success story has come to my life. Anyway, thought it was interesting enough to share.


By rohpatel

One comment on “Seven Figures, That’s This Many: 1,000,000

  1. Wow! this story is starting to become more common than not! Just like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Flappybird. All of these multimillion apps starting out at people’s homes and turning into huge money making things is just amazing! Really an admiration for how society is changing and somebody can become a millionaire in the matter of a few days.

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