Social Media as Market Indicator

In this rather interesting article, the author of this article posits the question of how we can use social media trends as potential indicators of a new movie’s success, before release. This pseudo-study took a look at the new ‘300’ movie, ‘Rise of an Empire’.

The author highlighted the growing number of searches,YouTube trailer views, Facebook Likes, Tweets and a range of other social media cues and regarded them as a new outlet to forecast a movie’s success. He took a second to mention that while individually, these cues may mean little, when there is consistent positive social media attention, you can expect the movie to do decently.

I found this to be a great insight into the power of social media in today’s society. I am sure many marketing companies/agencies have already been tracking social media attention for the same purposes, I never thought about it as a reliable indicator.

What are your guys’ thoughts?

By rohpatel

2 comments on “Social Media as Market Indicator

  1. I never thought about it as a reliable indicator either! But it does make sense, when a movie has a lot of hype and anticipation it usually does well. However there are some movies that get hyped up too much and don’t live up to it’s standards.

    • Yes the hype sometimes ruins a lot of movies. I don’t like listening to other people’s opinions before I watch something for the first time because it puts expectations in my mind whether I want them or not.

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