Youtube Careers?

The most subscribed to person on Youtube is currently Pewdiepie. “Pewds” is a Swedish online gamer, who has over 24 million Youtube subscribers. That may not mean anything to you, because although the Youtube community is big (its not that big.)



(It also doesn’t hurt that the man is beautiful..)


Believe it or not, Youtube is more than viral videos of cats and double rainbows; its turning into a major revenue for social media. You can find videos about anything; tutorials, walk-throughs, look-books, daily vlogs, etc. Being a “Youtuber” is actually a very successful career in the twenty-first century. Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, makes between $133.9k-1.3 million per video (depending on the number of views), and has an estimated overall annual income of $1.6-16.1 million. That’s insane!



Since the boom of social media, famous Youtubers have really raked a lot due to their power online. For example, Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart (MyDrunkKitchen) have met with the President to discuss the power of social media at the White House. Some Youtubers, like Felix Kjellberg and Tyler Oakley have also used their popularity to raise awareness for non-profit projects and organizations. The Smosh Channel, has created their own website, video game and magazine since launching their very successful Youtube channel in 2005. 


I think that Youtubers have the possibility of becoming the new celebrities of social media. It seems like every tv channel (recently BravoTv) has been creating their own Youtube channel along with other celebrities, in order to get on the Youtube bandwagon.  

By maggiebania

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