Daft Punk and Jay Z!

You know these guys.

That is the famous Daft Punk electro-disco duo.

You know this dude.

That is Jay Z, Sean Carter, and the one who stole Beyonce from the world (as if anyone else really had a shot.)

These two have a few things in common; both have worked with Kanye West, both are in involved in music, and now these two have supposedly collaborated.

That’s right, Jay Z and Daft Punk are working together, and there is even a release of a track called “Computerized” featuring the signature synthesizer hooks of Daft Punk and skillful rhetoric and flow of Jay Z paired together to make a highly funky beat that you could potentially work out to, or wherever you listen to music. You can check out the track for yourself here:


I’m hopeful this could be a mash up album in the near future, which is highly likely knowing Jay Z’s music history; Jay Z paired up with the Roots in 2001, R. Kelly in 2002 and 2004,  Linkin Park in 2004, and of course Kanye West in 2011’s much acclaimed Watch The Throne. A Daft Punk flavor is a universally accepted form of credit, and it would be amazing to see what happens.


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