Mind Manifesting Media


If you are like me, you enjoy watching documentaries. If you are not like me but still enjoy watching documentaries, let’s just be friends. This website offers 300 MIND EXPANDING DOCUMENTARIES!!!! What does that mean? Whatever you want it to. Here is what is cool about the list I found, it isn’t just one type of documentary. There are 31 different subgenres of documentaries here ranging from Ancient Societies to Creativity and Design to Religion to Tom Cruise. Okay, maybe not Tom Cruise, but it should be one of the categories. The creativity and design documentaries caught my eye first due to my interest in the subject and the fact that it is the second subgenre listed.

But for real, check it out, really, do it. There is so much interesting information offered that it would literally be ignorant to not go through at least some of it. You don’t want to be ignorant, do you?

This image is directly from the site, and it is pretty darned mind opening.


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