Places to Travel

Ever since childhood, I have always loved traveling. Whether it was going to my cousins house in Maryland, visiting New York City, or flying to Peru, I knew that traveling was something I would never get bored of. Throughout my college career, I’ve been to couple of countries: Honduras, India, and Peru. To make my time worthwhile, I volunteered with mission trips to help out communities in need. I want to make sure the rest of my 20’s are just as exciting while traveling around the country and the world. I think we are in our prime years right now, and what better than spending them in foreign places. Immersing ourselves in new cultures, languages, and environments can open our eyes to who we really are. I came across an article that immediately sparked my interest in the New York Times called “52 Places to Go in 2014”. If I had the money, I would definitely try visiting most of these beautiful places. I think Nepal and Belize are on the top of my list right now. Check them out!

Speaking of traveling, I’m going to Miami for spring break next week! So excited as you can tell. How about you guys?




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