Requiem for the Big East



Last year I wrote a blog project on the death of the Big East Conference. Trying to get the response and opinions of other people and an over all reaction of the dismantle of one of the greatest basketball conferences in college history. 2013 marked the last time the former conference was assembled before they broke up and the Catholic 7 claimed the name of the once basketball powerhouse. Seems I’m not the only one to take notice to the end of a thirty year reign of great athletic rivalries and competition. On March 16, after selection sunday for the teams picked for the big dance, an ESPN 30 for 30 film will air. It will center around one of the biggest rivalries of the former conference, Syracuse and Georgetown. Their rivalry stretched for over thirty years as they were two of the founding members of the Big East. You don’t see the same hatred and heated competition between two schools much of late with all these conference shuffles and break ups. This film shows the passion and dominance between the two schools. Celebrating its former glory.


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