I don’t know if you guys have heard of the twitter page dedicated to Rutgers and all of the crushes between RU students, but it was definitely a big buzz a couple of months ago. The account is annonymous and anyone can send in messeges to their crushes, which are then (usually the funniest) selected by the admins of the page and published for all of twitter to see. I think it’s so funny and entertaining to read the tweets that get sent in and it’s even better when it’s about someone you know. The thing about RU crushes is that there’s nothing really negative on there, although there is some explicit and rather creepy things that are said, it’s usually all out of good humor. The page also allows people that get mentioned in the tweets to ask them to be removed if they are offended by the content. I think that if you’re an open minded person and are okay with the humor that the page is meant for, then you should visit and check it out, but if you’re easily offended by things then I’d say you’re better off ignoring this one! It does serve as a good entertainment source though, and who knows maybe a secret admirer will have written about you! 



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