Rutgers Social Networks


I feel like I always go on rants about how I think social networks affect our lives more negatively than positively, but I have a reason why it is positive! My friend is on twitter 24/7, she is literally always tweeting or scrolling through twitter. She always yells at me for deleting my twitter and tells me I need to get it back, but I feel I have no reason to be on twitter.. except one thing. She follows all the Rutgers Twitter’s and I feel like it really does benefit her. She will know whether school is cancelled because of snow before we received the email, she knows when an event is taking place through RU recreational services before others too. I feel like if I was on Twitter, this would be the one thing I would like to look at. She also follows RU community service and finds out events going on around campus and many other Rutgers twitters do this as well. Aside from the academic ones, they do have funny ones like “Rutgers Crushes” and “Rutgers Confessions” haha



2 comments on “Rutgers Social Networks

  1. I just blogged about RU crushes before I saw this! Haha I think it’s so funny and twitter definitely helps us to stay connected with shcool & know what’s going on.

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