Producing not just consuming

Looking back on a question asked earlier in the semester, if you are a consumer or a producer of media, without giving much thought, to it right off the bat I considered myself just as a consumer not adding much to the producing side of internet media. Just going online and reading and downloading music for my own personal gain and desire. However as we have progressed through this class, I have thought more and more about that question from the beginning of the semester. Opening my eyes and realizing that I produce just as much as I consume. From producing post on twitter and facebook, to uploading videos to youtube and sending photos and other dumb videos to friends. Everyday I happen to be producing and sending something out. Really what this class has showed me is that everyone is a producer just as much as they are a consumer.


One comment on “Producing not just consuming

  1. I agree with you. It reminds me a little of Shirky’s ideas; that given our cognitive surplusm the internet allows us to meaningfully (some things more than others) create/produce things. We live in a day and age where we are able to produce anything no matter how impactful, or silly, and that is pretty special in my opinion.

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