Virtual Reality System Lets You Explore Your Brain in Real Time

In Texas, team of neuroscientists and software developers have created a new system that combines brain scanning, brain recording and virtual reality to allow used to journey through a person’s brain in the world’s real time.  It was demonstrated at the Southwest Festival on March 10th, 2014. It was developed by neuroscientists named Tim Mullen and Christian Kothe from the University of California in a collaboration with Sam Gazzaley. They used a virtual gaming reality headset made by Oculus Rift. They’ve decided to call it “glass brain”.


However, it cannot portray to others what the person is thinking: it just painted a picture of her brain activity in an extremely broad way. However, scientists are getting closer and hope to discover to decoding brain signals and hope to use them in a virtual reality system.

This is useful  because people with brain disabilities, like traumatic brain injuries, could see how their condition is affecting their brain which makes them understand what they need to fix. This could most likely help them fix it.





2 comments on “Virtual Reality System Lets You Explore Your Brain in Real Time

  1. This is pretty incredible. After all, the brain is a series of neural pathways that react to and control electrical impulses and relay information to the rest of the body. So by being able to better view the physiological wiring, it may just be that this is the first step in potentially being able to discern thoughts from a brain scanner. Great post!

  2. This is extremely interesting and it definitely shows how much more advanced we have become when it comes to technology. I think that this is going to be successful and I hope that they will discover how to add more to it!

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