Wink Glasses

Sometimes when people stare at a screen for too long, their head begins to hurt. This may be caused from lack of blinking. People literally FORGET to blink because they are too focused on the screen, often finding their eyes strained. But the Japanese have invented a pair of classes that will remind screen users to blink.


It was developed by Japan’s Masunaga Optical Manufacturing.  A sensor detects how long you go without blinking; after five seconds of staring blankly into the screen, the right lens fogs, obscures your vision until you blink again. The glasses hold an eight hour charge and it comes with a charger. They even plug into a USB outlet, so you can charge them as you use them. Wink glasses are currently in the market for $150.
Is this a product you would buy?


2 comments on “Wink Glasses

  1. I would absolutely not buy glasses that ‘remind’ me to blink. Blinking, much like removing your hand while touching a hot stove by accident, is controlled by automated reflex systems. You don’t need to be ‘reminded’ to pull your hand back, nor does your brain need to know when to blink. This is a product that is without a doubt an awful representation of the largely useless technology that people can make and exploit certain consumers. The only practical application of something like this MIGHT be in an individual who has impaired blinking reflexes, or the like; need arising from therapeutic necessity.

  2. Pretty cool concept to make some money but I don’t think I’d go out and buy these glasses. Your body naturally reminds you to blink even if it’s not at the same time every time. If they fog up every five seconds cause I didn’t blink I’d find that a little annoying.

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