Flight MH370

As I’m sure most of you are already aware of, a flight from Malaysia Airlines has gone missing and has still not been found. When I first heard about the incident, I was confused as to how a plane could just poof and be gone on a radar especially with all the advanced technology that we have. But it later became apparent through research that the plane had turned off its signal to the transmitter less than an hour after it took off. Investigators from all over the country have aided in locating the missing plane. Thankfully to the lovely technology and social media that we as a society are engulfed with, over two million web uses have formed a search party in addition. This group of people has been formed with the help from a US-based Earth imaging firm called DigitalGlobe. They have access to satellites that show imagery in relation to where investigators believe the plane may have gone down. If your wondering how the two million people have helped you’ll be glad to know that these people have taken time out of there day to search through the images for any possible signs. If they see anything out of the ordinary or anything that could possibly help, they are able to put down a mark for investigators to examine further. There have already been over 650,000 objects marked down as suspicious, covering over thousands of square miles. Here is a screen shot of the website being used.



As much as we’ve discussed how negative social media and being super connected can be, in cases like this it is so so important that we utilize our accustomed lifestyle. If more and more people scan through these images and mark things the down the quicker investigators will be able to figure out what exactly happened. I have checked out the website and it is actually really interesting and advise everyone to do so as well. It is really frightening to me because in less than a week I am flying to Miami, and I know if this was my plane I would want everyone to help look for me! Here is a direct link to the website! http://www.tomnod.com/nod/challenge/malaysiaairsar2014


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