Amazon Prime Article

When I’m shopping or bored, I have one website that I constantly find myself spending money on.. Amazon. Amazon is probably one of my top most used websites and I am on it daily. It is extremely convenient and is probably the best online shopping someone can do. I buy phone cases, accessories, and gifts and sometimes I have to control myself because I find myself spending too much! Something I recently joined was Amazon Prime, which is when you pay extra a year for unlimited 2 day shipping. Currently I am on a free 6 month trial which ends in June, and I do not plan on continuing on having it because although I am on Amazon a lot, I don’t think I can actually afford paying for it yearly. Recently Amazon made the decision to raise the price $20, going from $79 to $99. Personally I feel that going from about $80 to $100 is a lot for this 2 day shipping because some things you order don’t make Amazon Prime available to you. The article I read on it says that customers still think it is a good deal for this unlimited 2 day shipping, but I guess being a college student makes me look at it differently.


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